Inside a historic box factory in Verona we had new but above all old production lines not connected to each other and to the company management / logistics system.
Each machine is a separate island that does not communicate its data with the central system. Consequently, it is not possible to know, in real time, when a Lot is concluded on one machine, in order to then be able to start a further one on another machine.

  • The cost centers of the individual machines are unknown:
    It is not possible to know how many liters of color I have consumed by type of batch or customer
  • It is not possible to know how many kWh that machine has consumed per Lot or Customer
  • Etc.

The work commands to the single spots are given through printed sheets of paper, with consequent:

  • Double imputed data
  • Waste of time
  • Possibility of error in writing and reading
  • Loss of the sheet

To solve the problem highlighted above we have:

  • Equipped with the individual machines with new HW devices and SW applications, through which it will be possible to acquire the consumption data of the machine (color, kWh, etc.)
  • A new Autechno production MES has been developed and installed, through which it will be possible:

Acquire data from the company management/ERP (customer data, product codes to be produced and their quantities, production lots, etc.)

Process the data acquired on the management system, and create new factory production Lots (which will affect more machines), defining which machines will be interested in the Lot (which quantities of product they will have to produce) and defining a time Gant where it is decided which machines will do what depending on of the progression of the Lotto

Send (electronically) to the individual machines the Lots to be produced and their processing sequence (production plan – Lot number, material code to be produced, target quantity, etc.)

Acquire the real production data, that is:

  • Who worked on the machine (Name, surname, serial number, etc.)
  • Real quantities produced
  • Consumption (color liters, kWh, cubic meters of gas, etc.)
  • Anomalies occurred during the production of the LOtto


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Even in a period of high tension due to the shortage of electro/informatics raw materials, Autechno through its collaborations with various global suppliers (Europe, America,


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Via Angelo Poiani n.8 Rizza di Villafranca di Verona (VR)


Request any information, we will reply as soon as possible!


Via Angelo Poiani n.8, Rizza di Villafranca (VR)