District heating-cogeneration

Autechno s.a.s. Always attentive to environmental issues, it has long since decided to invest in the renewable energy and energy saving sector, cooperating with leading companies in the energy sector, to which it provides all the necessary electro-computer infrastructure.
Managing the LV / MV electrical loads (management of the grid feeding of the electricity generated by the cogenerators, through the command and control of the power switches).
By managing the pumping systems to keep them within the ideal pressure and temperature parameters for the purpose of electro-mechanical-hydraulic operation and for the purpose of maximum efficiency.
By independently managing the entire cogeneration-district heating plant, so that there is no need to continuously supervise the plant. In fact, innovative solutions are implemented in this regard that allow remote remote control, the notification to the internal-external maintenance service of the occurrence of any anomalies and / or malfunctions, through the automatic sending of SMS and / or e-mails. .

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