The command and control system of drySystem @ control drum dryers proposed by Autechno sas, controls the drum drying process in all its aspects and in a completely automatic way with minimal operator interaction.
To comply with the above, the system uses the following basic regulation algorithms:

Stabilizes the outlet temperature (TO) of the dryer on a set point (SP) defined by the user by adjusting the speed of the auger for loading the product into the dryer according to this set point.
Stabilizes the inlet temperature of the dryer (TI) on an initial setpoint defined by the user, by adjusting the product loading system in the boiler, with the possibility of automatic variation of the setpoint itself depending on the achievement of less than the TO setpoint.
Manage the temperature thresholds for controlling the TemperatureOUT and TemperatureIN limits to implement adequate remedies for exceeding the limit thresholds.

All of the above is valid both in the case of wood chips and gas dryers.

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