Pellet mills

Automatic system that regulates and optimizes the operation of the dicing presses, in such a way as to obtain on the dicing process:

  • Repeatability of the diced product (equal physical characteristics over time), as a consequence of the constant control and adjustment, by the automation, of the physical quantities that contribute to the production of the cube.
  • Less energy consumption equal to about 20% as the machine can be exploited up to 100% of its potential (in manual the exploitation of the machine cannot exceed 80% of the maximum potential, otherwise the machine will clog in the event of an overload moment of the machine itself).
  • Productivity increase of about 20%, for the same reason as in point 2.
  • Less wear of the mechanical parts due to a more rational use of the machine itself (automatically controlled starts and stops, liquid and steam injections only when there is the presence of product, controlled remedial operations of the machine to avoid clogging and slippage of the belts, etc.) .
  • The constant presence of an operator is not necessary to run the machine (the operator only has to worry about parameterizing the machine itself according to the products and giving the start / stop of the same), in case of anomalies (thermal, lack of product, etc.) the machine automatically enters the safety state and signals the anomaly.
  • Possibility of remotely supervising one or more machines by storing the consumption and operating times of the mechanical parts (die) on a database.

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