Autechno srl was founded in 2011 by the founder Luca Chesini with the aim of improving and innovating the world of industry. Today, after 10 years of experience, it continues its mission, committing itself to offering the best service to its customers on a technical and human level to ensure total satisfaction.


Autechno is committed every day to providing complete answers to the constant requests for innovation and automation of the manufacturing industry, through the design and construction of automatic systems and systems for the command and control of:

  • Whole new production lines
  • Existing production lines to be adapted for the purposes of technological modernization
  • Individual parts / machinery of plants

The realization takes place using the State of the Art operating environments that the market offers:

  • Electrical panels and systems on board the machine (from the single mechanical electrical panel to the fully computerized electrical panel)
  • Mechanical electrical panel up to the fully computerized electrical panel
  • PLC of the main manufacturers
  • Supervision and data management systems (SCADA)
  • SQL server relational database
  • Visual Basic. NET

Autechno’s main objective is to improve industrial automation in manufacturing industries around the world, always making them at the forefront, bringing innovation, quality and attention to every detail. All this while respecting the environment and people, offering constant and continuous support to the customer.


Autechno is at the complete service of customers, covering all stages ranging from the analysis of each individual need to their full satisfaction.
Autechno is structured as follows:

  • Technical office for electrical design (electrical CAD) and software development
  • Workshop for the wiring and assembly of electrical products (partner company through the implementation of commercial and corporate agreements)
  • Shipbuilding personnel for installation and testing in Italy / abroad
  • Remote teleassistance service
  • Commercial structure
  • Administrative clerks


Request any information, we will reply as soon as possible!


Via Angelo Poiani n.8 Rizza di Villafranca di Verona (VR)


Request any information, we will reply as soon as possible!


Via Angelo Poiani n.8, Rizza di Villafranca (VR)